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Container Concept by Exelance. Shipping 4 x 20ft accommodations in 1 20ft container.













Prefab Accommodations and Homes»


Exelance offers different types of POD-accommodations (Prefabricated On Demand) that can be fitted without any extra steel reinforcement.


We offer accommodations designed so they can meet all your requirements.


-       Single quarters joint or stand-alone

-       2 bedroom accommodations

-       Multiple bedroom units

-       Ablution blocks

-       Etc.


Rapid construction ensures fast occupation and return on investment.

So whatever the requirements for a accommodation, we can design a unit for you.


>>> choose from several existing designs or design your own here <<< 




Exelance POD-accommodations are made out of 80mm panels. These panels are made out of 2 steel skins that are compromised by under high pressure injected polyurethane foam. Inside and outside color to be determined by our clients.

A double tongue and groove joint method ensures easy, quick and stable installation.

Insulation value there for is 50% higher than common types of prefab buildings. Hot and dusty spaces are history.


Inner walls are easily added, different roof heights can be used and expanding the units needs no extra preparation.


Electrics and water is surface mounted but out of sight so there are no major costs on maintenance, adjustments or expanding a unit.

Plug and Play air conditioners can be supplied. All outside units are mounted on brackets hanging on the walls (no concrete plinth required). Small kitchen units can be fitted.

Building custom units is our standard













More kitchen options please see Extras.



More floor finishing options please see Extras.

More Door & Window options please see Door&Window.







More bathroom options please see Extras.





Different types of inside and outside finisching can be aplied on walls and celing. Exelance can suply big and small kitchennettes, lightunits, etc. Please look for these products under EXTRAS




Inside finishing options.





All windows and doors come from our own factory. From the first drawings to the actial fitting in is controlled by our projectmanager who will be onsite to manage the build. Even when our customers choose to build themselve.




Big roof overhangs and verandas can be easely added to the construction.






More verandah options please see Extras.



More floor finishing options please see Extras.




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Special brick feel and look cladding.



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